The Concord Hilton General Manager, Jack Hlavac on the Adsil Rejuvenation Process

Concord Hilton Exterior

Q: Why did you choose to use Adsil on your bathroom floors?

A: “We were in the process of budgeting for our renovation and Judgebuilt completed a demo room for us. When I saw the results I was shocked. The floor basically looked brand new again. The dingy grout was now a uniform color and the tile looked as if it had never been walked on before. After showing the bathroom to the owners and comparing the costs against replacing the floors, it was an easy decision.

Q: Adsil Rejuvenation Process vs. replacing your bathroom floors. How much money do you think you saved?

A: I would estimate we saved around $250,000 that we were able to use in other areas of the renovation.

Q: Has it made an impact on the guest’s perception of your bathrooms?

A: Our cleanliness survey scores have improved dramatically. From an average of 5 before the project it has now improved to an average of 9.

Q: How do your floors look after 1 year?

A: I would say they look just the same as when they were first completed. There are no signs of the Adsil diminishing and the grout lines still are a uniform color.

Q: Have you had any complaints or issues with the floor being slippery?

A: None. We’ve actually had less slip-and-fall complaints than before the Adsil was applied.