Tile & Grout Renewal

Even the dirtiest of tile can look amazing again using Judgebuilt’s signature “Tile & Grout Renewal” process.

Increase guest satisfaction and add a wow factor to rooms and public areas by restoring the luster of outdated
and unmaintained tile and grout surfaces.

Tile & Grout Renewal Makes Operational Sense.

• Minimal Downtime
• Guest Satisfaction
• Protects Revenue
• Great Results
• Cost Effective
• Clean and Hygienic
• Construction Grade
• Effective Warranty
• Cleaning Support

Tile & Grout Renewal Makes Financial Sense.

• Tile & Grout Renewal Customers see up to 90% savings from demolition costs on renovation.
• Tile & Grout Renewal is a fraction of the cost of renovation.

Please contact CustomerService@Judgebuilt.com or submit a demonstration request for additional information or to schedule a Tile & Grout Renewal Demo.